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I have worked a lot of various jobs in my life. I once worked for a temp agency that hired me out to a company building a clean room. I found it interesting watching the plena walls go up and how much air they had to filter for those rooms. I got my first job in science not long after that. I applied to be a lab tech and it turned into something more.

I have tried to represent herein some of the research of which I have been a participant, large or small. I have found it of great value that I got started in research as an undergraduate student. I still draw from those experiences in my current research. 
In scientific research, we must be extra careful not to overstate (nor understate) the affects or possibilities with our efforts. Physics Nobel Prize winner (much more prestigious than the meaningless Peace Prize) Dr. Ricard Feynman gave a commencement address in which he talked about just that. There must exist a kind of scientific integrity. We must be able to trust science. There are some who skew data to suit their needs or simply just to get that grant or the next publication. There are others who just plain make up data. You can read about that in a review, I am not suggesting you buy the book just read the review to get the details of made up science. 
All I mean to say is that as a public, we need to be skeptical and ask well thought out questions. Seek out to understand why only 4 and not 5 out of 5 dentists approve of some mouth treatment. 



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Not to mention why only 4 out of 5 orphans approve the same gruel!
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