Sun, 25/Feb/2018 12:29

I like the idea of GNU/Linux, Open Source everything and the GNU license. I guess that is because, at least in part, it is free. It is not free as in a free gift but rather free as in freedom. In other words, it is something we all need to work on. In order for the open source idea to work everyone has to be willing to play by some certain rules and help each other. This reminds me of the way our country was originally founded. It was founded on the idea that we want to be represented and have some say in how and when laws are made that will control  our lives. Again, for this to work we all need to actively participate. We need to talk calmly and politely about politics and discuss openly our feelings about our own political persuassions. I find it shameful that we are not taught the responsibilities of a republic. Since, it seems that schooling is mandatory, part of that curriculum should include how a democratic republic continues to function. The representatives that we elect, I sure hope you vote, discuss creating laws. In this process if we agree with them we should let them know. If we disagree, again we should let them know. Once the law is enacted it is up to us to abide by it. If enough people do not obey a certain law, it will become impossible to enforce no matter how many police officers or soldiers try to force us to obey. We are the number one example of this. In recent history Rev. Martin Luther King understood this very power that we as people have. In a slightly more distant past, the British military tried to impose the will of the law upon us, enough of us said no and we "snubbed" the law. This means for our government to continue to function we must willfully obey the laws even if we may disagree with them. If we disagree there are means available for us to bring concerns to lawmakers. On the contrary, the colonists had exhausted all methods to have King George address their concerns and were left with no alternative but to secede.


Back to the topic at hand, I have put here a collection of commands that either I find very useful or difficult to remember on the spot. The list started solely for my benefit but I think others may be able to use the information I have gleaned through the years.

Some years ago I found a useful sheet that has a list of simple commands. It is a solid reference. I used to think the name of the file was short hand for "Fun with Unix, reference", but as much fun as that would have been the fw in the name stands for "FossWire".


My opinion on the name of a certain free operating system is that it should be called by its official name. Thus I will try to use the term GNU/Linux rather than simply Linux. I know the shorter term is Much more common and practical (being 4 characters shorter), but just because something is easy to do or is done by everyone else is not a valid reason to do it. I am not and never will be a 'shee-ple' (people who follow the crowd like sheep). That said, it is easier to type Linux instead of GNU/Linux so if I mess up a few times, be patient.



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