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In this LaTeX style guide there is a known issue of not, currently, being able to automatically produce the DGE required "Table of Contents - Continued" title on the fly. The solution is to manually enter in the titles. For some this is laborious and not easily achieved. Hopefully this instruction set will help that and allow uses to easily enter those titles until a more suitable solution can be found.

Follow these instructions carefully. If you have questions please feel free to contact me

1) Do NOT follow these instructions if you are going to make any changes. These are for a finalized thesis/dissertation (ETD). Make sure that you will make no further changes to your ETD. Do NOT proceed if you will make changes once this is complete

2) Add (or uncomment) "\nofiles" to your main .tex file. 



%%%%%%%%%%  IMPORTANT %%%%%%%%%

%  \nofiles  %uncomment this line to change the .toc, .lof files

\usepackage{graphicx} %for the \includegraphics command and figures put [final] before ...%%    {graphix} if you want figures to show up even when in draft mode

3) Look in the pdf output at the Table of Contents page and find the heading at which the page breaks. In the figure below the page break comes after "Initial Outdoor Conclusion" and before "2007 Field Release". TOC_1stBreak.jpg

4) Open the .toc file.

5) Find the page break. In this example we are looking for a line that has either "2007 Field Release" or "Initial Outdoor Conclusion".

\contentsline {subsection}{Investigated Techniques}{33}{section*.40}

\contentsline {subsection}{Vertical Well Installation}{34}{section*.41}

\contentsline {section}{ZERT Vertical Injections}{34}{section*.42}
\contentsline {subsection}{First Vertical WellInjection}{34}{section*.43}

\contentsline {subsection}{Second Vertical Well Injection}{36}{section*.44}

\contentsline {section}{Initial Outdoor Conclusion}{37}{section*.45}

\setcounter {tocdepth}{3}

\contentsline {chapter}{\numberline {5.}\MakeUppercase {2007 Field Release}}{38}{chapter.5}

\contentsline {section}{Instrument Improvements}{38}{section*.46}

\contentsline {subsection}{Laser Mount}{38}{section*.47}

\contentsline {subsection}{Laser Collimation}{39}{section*.48}

\contentsline {subsection}{Detectors}{40}{section*.49}

\contentsline {subsection}{Larger Optics}{42}{section*.50}

\contentsline {subsection}{Moving Mirror Mounts}{42}{section*.51}

\contentsline {section}{ZERT Horizontal Injections 2007}{43}{section*.52}

6) Put the following code in between the two lines. In this case the \setcounter{tocdepth}{3} can go on either page. 

\par \par \vfil \penalty -\@M \write \m@ne {}\vbox {}\penalty -\@Mi \par \hskip 1em\relax \hfill TABLE OF CONTENTS -- CONTINUED \hfill \hskip 1em\relax \hskip 1em\relax \vspace {.2in} \hskip 1em\relax \par 


In the .toc file, I leave a few line breaks around the inserted code onyl so that it is easier to spot in editing. It will not affect the LaTeX output to pdf. 

7) Compile the main .tex file

8) When step 7 is complete without errors compile it again. To be safe do it a third time. As LaTeX is compiled it reads in information from and outputs data to several files (.toc being one of those). If you change something it writes that change out and will not incorporate the change until it has read it back in. Compile at least twice


9) Look at the pdf output to verify that it worked.


10) Repeat steps 3 through 9 again for each page of your table of contents. 


11) Repeat steps 3 through 10 for the List of Figures (.lof) file, etc. Use the following code

\par \par \vfil \penalty -\@M \write \m@ne {}\vbox {}\penalty -\@Mi \par \hskip 1em\relax \hfill LIST OF FIGURES -- CONTINUED \hfill \hskip 1em\relax \hskip 1em\relax \hskip 1em\relax \\ Figure \hfill Page \vspace {.15in}

and adjust as needed for each file.


12) Verify that you have a the titles in place. Print and submit. 

Good luck


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