Mon, 18/Dec/2017 11:39

Andrew Slaughter had some issues with too many tables. He had over 100. In the "List of Tables" the third digit runs into the caption. By adjusting these lines:

  1. \renewcommand*\l@figure{%
  2. \let\MT@@toclineskip=\MT@beforefigskip@value
  3. \MT@dottedtocline{1}{1.5em}{2.3em}}% this is indented 1.5em so that
  4. % if you wish, you can add 'Figure' header
  5. % centered above the numbers using \addtocontents
  6. \renewcommand*\l@table{%
  7. \let\MT@@toclineskip=\MT@beforetableskip@value
  8. \MT@dottedtocline{1}{1.5em}{2.3em}}% ditto

specifically where it says 2.3em that can be changed. This will be rare for anyone to use but here it is if needed again. To be consistent in spacing you should make it the same in both the list of figs and list of tabs.


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