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As I was writing my dissertation, there was no simple way to meet the Graduate School request for formatting an electronic thesis/dissertation (ETD) at Montana State University (MSU). I started by fitting together something that Prof. Steve Shaw and his grad students had written which was in turn based on a Georgia Tech style guide among other things. This yielded moderate results so I stepped on their shoulders to see farther and made my own.

After I graduated I thought it good to give back to the community, especially to other grad students. Thus, I decided to maintain the style guide as needed. I hope this works as a function to disseminate this guide to everyone. 

This LaTeX style guide works to meet requirements for either a dissertation (default option) or a thesis.


Last updated 08-Feb-2014

I decided that there are many computer science and engineering students using this that I should share the repo I have used. Perhaps, then it will be easier for you all to simple clone it, make changes and also submit changes back to me.

I have been using bitbucket and a repo named msu-latex-etd. To be honest, I started using mercurial (hg) because there was a lot of hype surrounding git and I thought I would check out the alternative. I have used git daily for two years now and hg for some personal project including this one. I still am unsure which I prefer.

If you are good at computers, this will be easy for you. Since you are already using LaTeX, I think this assumption will not be too far off.

To clone into a directly type the following from command line:

hg clone

If you make changes and want to submit back to me, you can set up a free account with bitbucket. commit the code, push it to your repo and then submit a pull back to me. I will review it and get it set up for others to use.

Good luck!

update 09-May-2012

I changed the style guide to adjust for spacing after sections, and chapter. I added underlining of section numbers, subsection, etc. I didn't know these were an issue and have updated them.

I also removed the requirement of the subfigure package which is depricated. It uses the subfig package instead. This means you will have to use the subfloat command instead of the subfigure command.

This works well if you only have two pages of the ToC, LoT, and LoF. If there are more, you will need to use the old method. See the bottom of the Table of Contents -- Continued page or the Readme.txt file for details.

 There are a few issues with the placement of titles on the table of contents, list of figures, and list of tables pages. I am trying to find a solution to this. It is due to the fact that in order to add the "-- continued" to those pages a header is inserted. However, this header is blank but still present on the original pages. This is a tricky situation but am trying to find a work around. anyone have any ideas?


Good News!! 19-Jun-2010

  Thanks to user Andrew Slaughter and his alertness, I was able to implement a way to automatically add the "-- Continued" to the table of contents, list of tables, etc. No longer is there a need to use the "\nofiles" switch and edit latex files. This is great!


Below are the files needed. Instructions are in the .cls file, the .tex file and the READme.txt.




My favorite bibliography style or for those in Environmental Sciences, Rebecca Taylor suggests this bibliography style.

Example files all zipped with everything here

Example dissertation output MYmsuETD_output.pdf


Below are a few pages of tips and tricks.

Please leave comments on successes you have had and information about how to get it to work for you.


Posted by Laura on
Seth -
Thanks for keeping this going. The DGE appreciates all you have done!

Posted by Laura on
Just an FYI for people using this style guide, our office has officially changed it's name to "The Graduate School" - (we are no longer the Division of Graduate Education). You might want to update accordingly.

Posted by darren on
To fix the header spacing issue on the table of contents I commented out lines 877 and 878 of the template and placed following line in front of the section that generated the second page of the table:

\addtocontents{toc}{\protect\chapter*{TABLE OF CONTENTS - CONTINUED}}

You can do the same thing for the list of figures, list of tables, etc. It's not as nice as having something right there in the template, but this will fix the problem for now. There's a few other issues with the formatting, but they are pretty straightforward to fix.
Posted by Laura on
For students graduating AFTER summer 2012 (after the July 16, 2012 thesis/dissertation deadline). Please note that the APPROVAL page ii should now have Dr. Ronald W. Larsen approving for the Graduate School (remove Carl A. Fox)
Thank you,
The Graduate School
Posted by Yin on
Very nice work! Thank you very much.

My thesis style is very similar to yours (Example dissertation output MYmsuETD_output.pdf) above. Do you know that if this format is acceptable for the graduate school at MSU in terms of the space before and after the headings in each sections?

Thank you!
Posted by Laura on
For students graduating AFTER fall 2013 (after the Nov 25, 2013 thesis/dissertation deadline). Please note that the APPROVAL page ii should now have Dr. Karlene A. Hoo approving for the Graduate School (remove Ronald Larsen)
Thank you,
The Graduate School
Posted by Laura on
The "Statement of Permission to Use" page is no longer required. Please update accordingly.
The Graduate School
Posted by Laura on
The Approval page is no longer required. Please update accordingly.

The Graduate School
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