Sun, 25/Feb/2018 12:32

This page is really for my own reference but I will occassionally post things here that I believe to be of use to others.

I have done a few projects on my own or for work. Some of them code related like in LaTeX or Matlab (compatible with GNU/Octave). Other projects are just my own.


LaTeX is an interesting mark-up language. I have played with it since my days as a Master's student. It is useful for things like large documents such as theses or dissertations as well as maintaining citations and creating tables of content. However, it does not do things well like presentations or posters. You can do things like that with LaTeX but it requires either a very specific type or you spend a lot of time monkeying with it.  I have maintained a style guide for use at Montana State University.


I was previously in contact with the National Weather Service office in Albuquerque to become a part of their cooperative observer program. This means they provide a simple weather station (temperature and rain) and I record data to upload to them. I have always liked weather and been fascinated with long time series of data. This will be good for me and a good teaching moment for the kids too. I hope they will learn about data and what it means to plot something. As well as some organization skills and attention to detail. In the near future, I am hoping to post the weather information here too. I was told that there is a way to communicate with the temperature device so perhaps I can set up a program to automatically fetch and post data. That would be interesting. 


I am also a ham radio operator. I don't mean like this: Ham RadioI mean like this: Tux on the Ham Radio My call sign is KE7SJR. A couple years ago a friend of mine, now known as KE7SJS, let me know of a class for wanna-be Hams. We attended a few lectures, studied up on the material and we both passed at the general class level. Since then I have not done much with it accept buy a small handheld radio and listen in on conversations via local repeaters. I would like to acquire a solar charger so I can take it truly anywhere. 


Another continual project I have is my truck. It is a '97 Chevy, K1500 extended cab (3-door) with the Z71 off-road package. Not long after I had it, I replaced the spark plugs. I thought that would take a long time but in fact the engine compartment is rather roomie and I spent less than an hour with the plugs. It has a fuel pump that whines and the wiper fluid pump doesn't function, I think that is an electrical problem. I need new chrome tips and the A/C has a leak somewhere. Between time and money, eventually I might fix some of these things. Other than those things, it runs very well and sounds great, although I am sure my neighbor doesn't agree when he hears it rumble to life at 6 AM.