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I recently made a change to my CV to make it into more of a traditional resume format. I have spent a lot of time getting the document (CV and resume) into pdf format and looking just right. My documents have meta information that is web searchable. They also have a lot of hyperlinks embedded into the pdf. In electronic form, this gives the reader immediate access to so much information versus a paper copy. For that very reason, I have strongly resisted giving anyone a paper copy.

Then I realized a nice QR code would be very helpful and possibly standout to an HR rep. However, QR codes are ugly and soon everyone will have one. So I made one, linking to my linkedin account, that has a special watermark in it. Let me know if you can figure out the watermark embedded in my QR code.

I have posted here a copy of my full curriculum vitae as a pdf file. I used a LaTeX style guide for that purpose. I have also posted a copy of my CV in html.

To get my CV in html format, I used two methods. Adobe has a free service to convert pdfs to html documents. This worked well for the formatting of the citations but the rest of the document looked rather sickly.

I then found and used the freely available tth script which uses a latex file as input and outputs an html file. This worked well on formatting much of the document but the citations returned looked poorly. Merging the output of the two along with some of minor changes results in what you see.

PDF Resume




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