Sun, 25/Feb/2018 12:26


There has been a lot of law suits and debate about the legality of red-light cameras. I am referring to cameras that are positioned to automatically capture an image of a car, its license plate, and the light condition (red) as well as cameras used in speed traps to automatically ticket speeders in certain areas. I understand that in most areas those have been deemed unlawful and either removed or are unused.

The other day I was reminiscing about those cameras, wanting one at an intersection to give a ticket to a rude driver who went through a light well after it had turned red. I realized that perhaps while it has been deemed unlawful that they may still be used. I think that instead of sending tickets directly to drivers without intervention, that they could be used to build statistics. Which lights and at which time of day do people run most often? Which road had the most speeders and at which times? A wise officer could use that information to place him/her-self in a good spot at the appropriate time to catch these incidents. After a few days of getting tickets and seeing officers in the area, people will change their behvaior (for a time).

The officer can then move to another spot with a high levlel of incidents. That would provide better safety, and to the budget-minders a more sure source of revenue that would stand up in court.


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