Mon, 18/Dec/2017 11:43

Nuclear Enrichment

I heard about the news this week that Iran divulged to the world community that it had a (previously) secret facility built to enrich Uranium to make a nuclear weapon. This is huge!! That means they have been hiding and scheming to make a bomb. I think most sane people figured they were doing just that.

As I have thought about this fact for the last few days, I have come to two conclusions. First: How can we trust them if in the past they have stated they only want uranium for nuclear power and this whole time have been lying to everyone. I never did trust the government there but now I will be more fully suspicious.

Second: Why would they announce that they have a nuclear enrichment plant? What do they have to gain from this information being public? There may be one of two explanations. Either they already have enough enriched uranium, stashed away somewhere, to make the number of bombs they want or they have another facility from which they want to draw attention. It makes sense that they might announce that they have this facility if they suspect that others already knew about it and by so doing all of our attention will now be diverted. Is there another reason they would make this very public statement?


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