Sun, 25/Feb/2018 12:20

Idle Thoughts

Some years ago, I had a friend and classmate named Anthony, who had a very special talent. He could speak backwards. If you gave him any word, he could nearly instantly say it backwards. He could also say it backwards in most any type of accent you wanted. Most often he would use a Scandanavian type accent. It was quite a gas to listen to him. One day I asked how he had taught himself to speak backwards. He has an interesting comment that has often returned to my mind.

He responded to my question with a question. He asked "What do you think about as you walk to classes? what do you think about in the shower? while riding the bus?" Then he add that he used those times to think of words and train his mind.

His question really struck me. On what do I focus? What has the most of my attention?

I have been teaching a doctrine class for my church and one Sunday a student asked "How do you know the scriptures so well? I thought you had to be old to be a scriptorian?" I do not consider myself a scriptorian and his comment struck me as a compliment I did not deserve. Thus I did not know how to respond. As I have thought about it and in light of my above comments, "How often do you ponder over the scriptures? Do you read them? Do you memorize some of the verses that mean most to you?"

Do you ever just sit still and listen? Or do you always have something in your ear or before your eyes? too much music? too much computer time surfing for news or trolling through facebook? I think too often we want to be distracted instead of focusing on what is important, that inside us and family. It seems to me that many people want to be distracted as if we are afraid of our own thoughts. Thus we have contrived around us things so that we are always busy but not really accomplishing anything.

How do you use your moments? Do you purposely have moments when you are simply still, thinking, pondering the great mysteries of your mind?


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