Sun, 25/Feb/2018 12:26

Gillette Fusion

Growing up I could not wait to shave. I was the last of all my friends to need to shave. It was to me a sign I had grown up and something to whcih I desparately looked forward. After the first three or four times shaving, the allure was gone. I hate shaving and have since.

I never liked the razor I had and I have since tried just about everyone. I have used several electrics. However, because I so strongly dislike shaving I only shave once or twice a week and using the electric, with hair that is a little longer, hurts. It feels like it is yanking the hairs from my face. No thank you!

For years, I have used a Gillette Mach3. It has served (as opposed to severed) me well. To be open, I am not receiving any compensation from Gillette for this review. However, about a month ago I received, out of the blue, a package from Gillette. It contained a new Gillette Fusion razor with no information, no letter, nothing but the razor. It was addressed to me, so I used it.

It is a decent razor and left a smooth feel on my face that was equivalent to or slightly better than the feel from using the Mach 3. It felt nice in my hand and was easy to use. I don't know what else to say about a razor and, since I did not buy it, I can not comment on price.

There was a minor problem I had with it. Since I don't shave everyday, the hair I am attempting to remove is a little longer. The Mach3 handles that fine. The Fusion was easily clogged and would then not remove the hair as I am accustomed. This means I had to rinse the head of the razor more often and it actually clogged so it often took more than just rinsing to remove the hair. I did try shaving 24hrs (instead of waiting 3 or 4 days) after shaving the day before and the razor worked great.

To sum up: I would recommend the Fusion to someone who shaves daily but not for those of us that shave once or twice a week. For everyone else, the Mach3 has been my stand-by and I highly recommend it.

Good luck shaving


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