Mon, 18/Dec/2017 11:40

The future of WebOs

Google has decided to buy the phone division of Motorolla. I do have some history with Motorolla. I am a ham radio operator, what can I say? They have also decided to make the latest version of their Android operating system closed-source. Honeycomb has not been made open to developers nor the community. They have claimed it was simply a command decision to get it out quickly. I will give them the benefit of the doubt but how does their decision leave other manufactures who depend on their software? I think their eyes were opened. It is not wise to allow another company be in complete control of something on which you depend.

I think in particular about Samsung. They need android for their smartphones and tablets. If "the Google" then decides to not continue the OS or not release it to them, what will Samsung do? I think they are in scramble mode the last few weeks.

I recommend that Samsung snatch up WebOS as HP is trying to dump it. They could pick it up cheap, control their own destiny and perhaps snag some of the developers before Microsoft poaches them all. As long as they keep it open source it will be a win-win for the everyone.


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