Mon, 18/Dec/2017 11:41


Some years ago airplanes began switching from being directly controlled manually by the pilot to what is called "fly-by-wire". To quote the "source of all knowledge":

All "fly-by-wire" flight control systems eliminate the complexity, the fragility, and the weight of the mechanical circuit of the hydromechanical or electromechanical flight control systems. Fly-by-wire replace those with electronic circuits. The control mechanisms in the cockpit now operate signal transducers, which in turn generate the appropriate electronic commands. These are next processed by an electronic controller, either an analog one, or more modernly, a digital one. Aircraft and spacecraft autopilots are now part of the electronic controller.

 I have done a lot of work on vehicles this last year. I am amazed at their complexity and the mechanical genius that has gone into their design and function.

I wonder when we might have cars that operate by wire instead of manually. In many regards we do drive-by-wire. For example: the accelerator pedal, in the newest cars the ignition to is push-button. If more systems become drive-by-wire would the weight go down and efficiency go up? Airplanes have flown safely in this manner for years, so there should be no objection about ground vehicular safety.

It might also be easier for mechanics to fix. About this I am not certain but it should be easier.

I would like see vehicles driving by wire soon.


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