Sun, 25/Feb/2018 12:05

Democracy vs Republic

What is a democracy? What is a republic? What is the difference? Why did the founding fathers set up one versus the other? We can take a lesson from history and also from contemporary sources such as Ubuntu. They have moved away from being a pure community-led democracy to being led by the hire ups while still allowing minor input from the community.

What is their reasoning for moving away from a pure community driven democracy? Apparently, Ubuntu developers are not satisfied with the chaos that can come from everyone wanting their own way. So why aren't we a pure democracy?

You know that we, The United States of America, are not a democracy, right? We have a democratic form of government, where we are involved in electing officials who then make the laws. We as citizens do not directly suggest laws in a forum nor do we vote on them directly. Ok, occassionally there is some law proposed and then gets voted on as a referendum. This is the exception and only happens on a state-level. We are a republic, a democratic republic to be sure, but a republic. If you still doubt, say the pledge of allegiance out loud thinking about each word.

So then what was the original purpose of the Senate? The senate was designed to represent states. Have you ever read the Tenth Ammendment to our Constitution? Also it was designed to slow down mass hysteria so that reason will prevail in the legislative process.  Hence the idea of the filibuster. Back to states rights, Just as we do, states also have rights which, like our rights, have been eroded away to a more powerful federal government. Now that senators are elected by the populace, who is watching out for the states? Are we moving away from even having states? We are a federation of unified states, in large part because we do not all have the same ideas nor points of view. States could possibly have theocracy, state religion, etc if the state constitution allows for such things (most don't).

We ought to move back to having senate chosen by state legislators... with governors able to appoint after 90 days if state legislators are unable to come to a  decision.


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