Mon, 18/Dec/2017 11:43

Bastille day

Today the French celebrate when average people stormed the Bastille. This was a prison but more importantly it was a garrison. There were weapons and ammunition inside. How could the people form a rebellion without weapons when the government officials, unelected, did not listen to their grievances? They had no alternative but to revolt. In their greed and lust for power they went too far in the revolt. I admire that they knew when to take action but let us be more like General George Washington, who when he had control of the reigns of governance and the will of the people on his side he humbly handed control back to the people.

Today, we still have some methods to make our grievances known to our "elected" officials. It seems as if they say one thing in campaign to woo our votes, "What a politician ha[s] to say", and then ignore us and their promises until 9 or 10 months before the next election. They then point to all the earmarked pork money that they bring back to their respective states and suggest that if they do not get re-elected that money will dry up. Both parties do this!

In commemoration of the start of the French Revolution, it is also interesting to note that the elite (rich) in France did not support King Luis the XVI. They were tired of paying high taxes. What happened to them?


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