Mon, 18/Dec/2017 11:42

Bad Drivers

Last night as I was driving, I was passed by a family in a red Toyota Sienna. He nearly clipped the front of my bumper as he veered in the traffic lane. I thought it was rather odd and since we were going nearly the same speed I kept my eye on him. I know it was a male driver because as they passed me they had an internal dome light on and I could see the van full of children with what I presume to be the father driving.

He wandered all over his lane. Going as far as having his wheels in adjacent lanes before moving to the middle. To change lanes, he would wander about 3/4 of the way into the next lane, then turn his blinker on, finish the move and turn off the blinker. What is the point of the blinker? He must think it is to let someone know what you have already done. Soon he was far enough ahead of me that I did not worry for my safety.

Despite the wandering and the lack of proper use of signals, I must give the guy some credit. He would move back into the right lane after having moved into a left lane to pass someone. This is polite but contrary to what most drivers around here seem to practice.

Watching his driving as he wobbled down the lane made me think about my own driving. Do I wander? Do I signal properly? Am I aware of cars in front and behind me? I like to think that I do all of these things properly but do I really?


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