Mon, 18/Dec/2017 11:43

Another New Tax

I had a flat tire yesterday. Normally flat tires are not good but this was good on several accounts.

1. I needed 2 new tires anyway and it was one of those that was flat.
2. A new tax went into effect today, 01-Oct-2011, that raises the price by 8 to 9%.

What a new tax?! A new tax on someone making less than $250k per year?!! I thought that was not possible. I was promised it wouldn't happen, promised almost like it was promised "read my lips. No new taxes." And this is not the first new tax to hit. What about the cigarrette tax (not that I pay that), the tarifs on rubber, oil, etc? Do these and others not effect average-Joe consumers?

What other new taxes have you read about?


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