Sun, 25/Feb/2018 12:17

Airing of Grievances

I have decided to make a list of a few things that just chap my hide. This is not instigated by anything other than the opportunity this blog gives me to rant.

First and foremost is being late. I do not use the word "hate" very often and this is one case in which I will use the word. It doesn't matter what the event is, it really bothers me to be late. I am not bothered by others being late, they answer to themselves not to me. I suppose that most do not realize that arriving late shows a high level of disrespect to all involved. I hate when I am late. I learned long ago that in order to be on time it takes proper preparation. For example, to be able to arrive anywhere with my family at 8 am, my wife and I have to do many things the night before like getting clothes out for the children and get up early that morning. We noted that getting up early also meant we needed to ensure that we get the necesary amount of sleep too. I have heard others marvel at how my wife and I are able to arrive on time (even early) to events with all the children. It is not easy, taking proper discipline and work, but once in the habit of being on time it becomes easier. It is a choice.

Second, on my list of strong dislikes, is waste. I wrote a long blog post on this sometime ago and will not bore you with a repeat. It is sufficient to write that I strongly do not like to see materials, space, energy, money or time wasted. A fast example is several years ago when the CEO's of GM and Chrysler wanted bailouts from the government, congress, in its infinite stupidity, demanded that they arrive not having used their corporate jets. The CEO's have many things to accomplish and their time is valuable. The use of corporate jets actually saves them time and thus saves the company money. For a company near bankruptcy, all aspects of spending must be reconsidered, but to spend 10+ hours driving from Detroit to DC instead of taking a 1 hr plane ride is rediculous in terms of wasted man hours, wasted money, wasted fuel and pure stupid grand-standing on the part of congress.

Third is bad parking. I am bothered by those who are selfish or incompetent enough to not park considerately and accurately. I feel that if you are going to learn to drive you had better learn to park. It is very inconsiderate to park so that others may not park adjacent to you. That said, I usually park in the back of any parking lot because the extra distance to the store will do me good, I don't have to worry so much about someone "dooring" my vehicle, and I refuse to drive around wasting time and gas (see I do not like waste) looking for the perfect, close parking-spot.

Fourth, there are certain phrases which, for several reasons, bother me. The phrase "... but yeah ...", for me, is the worst and it grates in my ears. I actually prefer hours of fingernails scratching on a chalk board to one use of "but yeah". It is a stupid phrase, often used to change a conversional subject, that should never be used. A few other phrases that bother me are: Where are you at? Where are you going to? May I come with? I am bothered by these because they are just wrong grammatically but also because these phrases waste an extra syllable. Another phrase I have often heard is "you guys" used when talking to a group. In fact, I have heard it used to address a group of females. Is that just not wrong?

Fifth, people not taking responsibility for their own actions. Instead of saying "that is my fault" I often hear "well, so-and-so did 'x' so I did 'y'". So what if someone pushed you, you don't push them back... ok, if you decide that is what you are going to do (right or wrong) at least own up to it. Accept the fact that it was a decision you made. Worse for me is when people litter, that combines waste and a lack of responsibilty. I find myself picking up trash everywhere I go... I must be rubbing off a little as I have even seen my children, at our church, picking up papers, etc left behind by others... I just wish I could get them to do this at home too.

I suppose that most of my pet peeves are not shared by many others, as is evident in the world around me. I will live to the best I can and attempt to gently remind those around me at the appropriate moment. I am sure there are things that I do that greatly annoy others... please let me know so I may improve. Perhaps by the "airing of grievances" herein the world will become a better place.


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