Mon, 18/Dec/2017 11:33

The future of WebOs

It would be nice to have a viable alternative to Android and iOS.

Democracy vs Republic

What is a democracy? What is a republic? What is the difference? Why did the founding fathers set up one versus the other?

Bad Drivers

Despite the wandering and lack of proper use of signals, I must give the guy some credit. He would move back into the right lane after having moved into a left lane…

Disciplining Children

get frsutrated with parents who do not train their children. It is not a matter of cruel discipline as a few would have you think. It is a matter of setting…


Airplanes are fly-by-wire. Why are cars not drive-by-wire?

CTR: Chocolate to the Rescue

My children Really enjoy a short movie with a few of our friends in NM. The movie, about 8 minutes long, is entitled CTR: Chocolate to the Rescue.

CTR: Chocolate to the Rescue

CTR: Chocolate to the Rescue... a basket carried by a young girl (red-riding hood motif) is stolen by a lady wearing a wolf custom. The girl starts to chase but…

Red Hat 6

I waited a long time for Red Hat to release it's version 6. I have been a Red Hat user on and off for a long time. Yes, I mean Red Hat and not Fedora. I had access…


I am impressed with Utah's new fireworks law. It allows people to use a lot of different fun fireworks. We lit off a bunch of high flying as part of our…


I think it is amazing that NASA's space shuttle has been able to fly a long as it has. Given that it was designed in the late 1970's when computer memory was…
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