Sun, 25/Feb/2018 12:31

Problem with *nix

There is a problem with *nix. It is manifest in the book "Unix in a nutshell"

Gillette Fusion

review of Gillette Fusion razor and comparison to Mach 3 razor

Time with a Surface Pro

I have had the opportunity to test a MS Surface Pro for a few days. I will detail my experiences herein


I was a part of a scout troop as a young fellow. The Boy Scouts of America program is designed to teach young minds and train them to be good citizens, work hard,…

Free Stuff

Free stuff rots the barrel

Windows 8 review

Testing Windows 8 has led to some interesting results.


I have a lot of respect for our law enforcement officers. They deal with people day in and out. This is hard enough even when dealing with good, law-abiding people.…


Red light cameras have been deemed illegal but they still may be useful to law-enforcement.

an Oldie

As I boarded I followed an older gentleman who was being helped on board by the stewardess. I watched as she stowed his cane in the over head bin. I then took my…


Diaspora, can it overpower facebook?
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